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As mentioned, the objective of my writing service is to connect the military community with the brands and products that support them.

Building these bridges can be done in various ways. However, I think the most genuine method is through brand journalism, which can be defined as telling stories on behalf of a company to engage with potential and current customers.

Content marketing is all about creating content to advertise, while brand journalism seeks to relate to readers personally to form and maintain authentic relationships.

Larger companies may employ their writers and journalists to create new and exciting content for their blogs or newsletters. For smaller or newer companies, a freelance military writer like myself can help your brand engage with customers without hiring me full-time.

I want to create meaningful content that is relevant to your military customers. When potential or current consumers see thought-provoking or stimulating stories where your brand and their experience intersect, they get curious.

It’s not about pasting your company name and logo in an article. Rather, it’s about telling a relevant story that the consumer is interested in and gently touching your company.

Articles can be a short blog post, a longer profile piece in your newsletter, or a compelling story on a third-party platform such as Medium.

Writing services include more than just writing. In fact, the writing is a small piece of the puzzle. The majority of the work is brainstorming and researching to ensure each piece is relevant for your military customers, search engine optimized, and of course, getting proper approval from the client.

Please email me at or contact me with questions. Also, please check out the Expectations page for more.

Avenues of Approach

Company Blogs

Fresh Blog Posts

Get a new point of view

Brand Publications

Relevant Stories

Tell a story about your team


Inform and Entertain

Keep your readers informed

Tailored services

Every company and client is unique, and I don’t have set parameters for what project is too small or large. Whether your service request is a 500-word blog post, or you’re looking for several larger projects over a few months, let’s talk.

Contingency Plan

Don’t maintain a blog, publication, or newsletter? That’s OK. Smaller outfits or startups may not. Instead, we could start you off with welcome emails and publish your brand story on your website and social media to introduce you to the marketplace.

Additionally, we can take advantage of Medium’s high domain authority to help rank stories that lead those in the military community to your website.

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