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For years, Americans narrowly defined success for their kids: either go to college or fail at life.

But today, many older and younger students find that maybe college isn’t the only option.

This article explores alternative means of success and leans toward financial responsibility for young people.

By 2030 the rate of veteran suicides will exceed the number of US combat deaths since 9/11, estimates say.

We know music is healing and saves lives inside and outside the veteran community.

That’s why music therapy continues to gain popularity.

This piece directs US veterans to free online guitar training from Your Guitar Sage to help start their music-making journey.

Note: I originally published this article in July 2021.

After 20 years of war, how do we rebuild Afghanistan?

This article gives an overview of the complicated and violent past of the region.

Here we highlight veteran-owned Combat Flip Flops, which set out to create jobs in Afghanistan. 

Is entrepreneurship the key?

Article excerpt

How to guides boost site traffic and allow your team to build trust with your current and potential supporters.


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