Processes and Goals

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Here is a general overview of expectations to keep in mind.

The purpose of my writing is to inform and get a laugh or two. My vocabulary is average, and I don’t fluff material for the sake of making it longer. That’s for college students and sales pitches.

If I get the opportunity to work with you, we will first establish a topic and the desired medium. I can propose an idea, or if you already have something in mind thats cool too.

After that we will agree to a timeframe, and I’ll get to work.

I charge project pricing, and each piece gets 2 rounds of edits. Additional edits are subject to hourly rates. A 30-minute discovery call and a few emails/calls during the project will not be charged.

Services are typically between $200-$1,000 but could be less or more depending on the work. Pricing varies by request as there are different factors to consider, such as timing, required research, and article length.

I ask 50% be paid upfront, with the remainder remitted within 14 days of the final draft submission.

I’m not selling words on paper. In the short-term, I’m selling my thoughts, time, opinions (if you want), and due diligence to ensure your article is search engine optimized.

In the long-term, a great article might linger around the internet for years, directing veterans and current service-members to your website.

I will help you if I can, but I generally avoid rush work.

More significant projects may require a simple contract. However, email confirmations are suitable for most work.

Either way, I will need confirmation of an agreement in writing before work begins. Similarly, change requests to work in progress also require written confirmation.

I’m sure you would be reasonable. Unfortunately, I have to do that for the few that aren’t.

If you have any questions please email me at Greg@SwordVsScribe.com or contact me here!

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