About me

I’m a highly motivated, hyper-focused…just kidding.

Here’s the deal.

I didn’t go to school for writing, communications, or journalism. I graduated with a degree in criminal justice and found myself in restaurant franchise operations. But I didn’t feel so bad when I found out that only 27% of college graduates work in a field related to their degree.

To help pay for school and get more experience, I enlisted in the Army Reserve, then went on to the National Guard.

After five years of restaurant consulting on the civilian side, I went into IT project management and then product management.

So, how does a mixed bag like that help your business?

Well, I’m certified in communicating with people.

I’ve worked with top executives to convicts on work release.

In the Army, I translated acronym-filled instructions and relayed them to junior enlisted Soldiers.

Although my experience varies over the years, two things remain constant: Communication is critical and must be improved.

Brands and organizations must tailor their message and medium to communicate effectively. But it seems some of us are more wrapped up in data gathering, the latest technology, and politics than connecting with people.

As consumers, we’re overwhelmed with information in a 24-hour economy. And it’s primarily intrusive, product-centered marketing copy that fails to find common ground between brands and readers.

Let’s cut through the BS, speak clearly, and forge relationships between your organization and readers.

Like Karen Friedman says, shut up and say something!


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Hi, I’m Greg.

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