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8 American-Made Clothing Brands for Patriotic People

This just in: experts say the everyday American is more likely to find confidential documents in their basement than the words “made in America” printed on clothing labels these days. But if you know where to look, you can still find reputable, American-made clothing brands online and in brick-and-mortar shops.

I know. Homespun threads can be expensive.

But not always.

I found a few US companies that sell quality products at a lower cost than you might expect.

Still, I threw in a few higher-end options to maintain your Sunday best.

So let’s look at eight American-made clothing brands for men, women, and children.

And maybe there’s something in here for your dog as well.

1-All American Clothing Company

When All American Clothing Company opened its doors in 2002, the owners vowed never to sacrifice American jobs for profits.

To get a better point of view from the hard-working Americans behind the scenes, have a look at these short yet well-made videos to learn more about the downfall of the US garment industry.

Then check out their stock for reasonably priced jeans, t-shirts, and footwear, all made in the great state of Ohio.

If you’re a veteran, currently serving in the military, or working as a first responder, here’s a link to their service discounts.

They even extend the offer to military spouses and dependents.

You don’t see that every day.

2-All USA Clothing

Over 40 years ago, All USA Clothing set out to make clothes specifically for auto workers in the Detroit area.

Today, these Motor City manufacturers maintain their local state of mind while offering free shipping nationwide for orders over $99. As of now, anyway.

Head to their site for modestly priced clothing and footwear for men, women, children, and infants.

I don’t see anything about service discounts, but they might still have a promo code bannered across their homepage.

3-American Giant

American Giant’s founder, Bayard Winthrop, says, “cheap isn’t cheap.”

Winthrop explains more in this video about the actual cost behind lower-priced items, such as people’s jobs.

At American Giant, you’ll find premium men’s and women’s clothing and footwear proudly made in The Peach State with Georgia cotton.

If you’re a hoody guy like me, look at this fleece hoodie designed to last ten years. Not a bad deal when you think of how many $50 hoodies you might buy over a decade.

Military discount link here. Also, note they have a military referral program that will save you $20 after your friends or family make a purchase.

Not a bad deal.

4-American Trench

American Trench has a question:

“How can we do the best for the people around us?”

Something we’d all do well to ask ourselves these days.

This Pennsylvania-based brand answers by reminding us that making above-standard hand-made men’s and women’s apparel and outerwear is something to be proud of.

And something to preserve.

American Trench offers higher-end leather items, but they also carry affordable accessories, shirts, and polos.

I don’t see any service discounts, but if it’s not too late, you might catch their end-of-season sale with up to 50% off.

5-Ebbet’s Field Flannels

Named after the famed baseball diamond that hosted the Brooklyn Dodgers until 1957, Ebbet’s Field Flannels preserves the American spirit by replicating historically authentic jerseys made from quality products crafted in Seattle, WA.

And yes, getting one will hit you deeper in the purse than standard jersey prices, but not much.

But it’s worth the few extra bucks to get something homemade that accurately represents our past.

If jerseys aren’t your style, have a look at their stock of modestly priced t-shirts, hats, and outerwear.

I don’t see any service discounts, but they might still have a 3-shirt deal for $89. Not a bad deal for superior work made in the USA.

6-Pendleton Woolens

Here’s one of the most experienced American-made clothing brands I found.

Born in 1863, Pendleton now operates the family business out of six facilities in the Pacific Northwest and one in Nebraska, weaving intricate apparel for men, women, and kids.

And Pendleton’s inventory of bedding, pillows, and blankets will keep you snug during the winter months.

Of course, you’ll pay a little more than what you find at the box stores, but they’ll likely offer a better night’s sleep and last much longer.

I don’t see any service discounts, but if you’re near one of their facilities, check out a mill tour to gain more appreciation for the garment industry as a whole.

7-Stormy Kromer

Stormy Kromer worked on the railroad in the early 20th century in Northern Michigan.

After constantly losing his hat to the wind, his wife stitched a custom ear warmer that doubled as a strap to hold his hat in place.

Everyone wanted one when Mr. Kromer showed up at the railyard.

Since then, Stormy Kromer has expanded to offer other stitched goods for men, women, kids, and even pets.

And the prices aren’t bad.

Check out their discounts if you’re in the military, a first responder, or a medical professional.

And stop by for a free factory tour if you’re in the Ironwood, Michigan area.

8-Texas Jeans

Head to for stylish denim products made right in the heart of…North Carolina.

But don’t get hung up on the name.

In addition to American-made denim, Texas Jeans produces flame-resistant pants made of 60% kevlar and 40% Nomex to help protect wildfire fighters.

Texas Jeans doesn’t offer service discounts, but $60 for American-made jeans is tough to beat.

Make ‘Made In America’ A Thing Again

Did I miss any American-made clothing brands that you support?

Is all this talk about America offensive? Have a fact check?

Please stop by my website, find me on Twitter @gregcberry, or email me at and let me know.

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